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  • A Lazy Summer Day

    A Lazy Summer Day

    This might sound a little odd, but there are two things that I have consistently wanted throughout my life. One is a rocking chair, and the other is a hammock. The desire for other things has come and gone, but the desire for these two things has stubbornly persisted.  I think that somehow, they have represented…

  • Dancing Shoes

    Dancing Shoes

    Recently, I went to a good friend’s wedding. It was the kind of wedding you would never want to have missed, and I am grateful I was able to attend. It was the kind of joyful celebration that stays with you for several days after. At least it did for me. First things first; I…

  • Through the Eyes of a Child

    Through the Eyes of a Child

    When you serve for any length of time in children’s ministry, especially in the early elementary school years, you quickly learn to anticipate the answer you will get from the kids for any question asked of them. Their response is always Jesus. The louder they shout their response, the more their faces shine. Seriously, no…