Inspiration From the Beatitudes

I had planned to write a follow up blog post on the Beatitudes several weeks (ahem…months?) ago, but I am barely keeping my head above water with work, family and ministry responsibilities. While I don’t enjoy missing my personal goals, I rest secure in the knowledge that I am not the one in control, andContinue reading “Inspiration From the Beatitudes”

A Study in the Beatitudes, Part II

In my most recent blog, I shared some things I recently learned about the first three verses of the Beatitudes. These verses speak of those who acknowledge their spiritual bankruptcy, the grief they feel over their personal sin and the sin in the world, and the desired quality of meekness before God and others.  ThisContinue reading “A Study in the Beatitudes, Part II”

Seeking Perfection in the Chaos

Wandering through a big box office supply store a few weeks ago, I was reminded of how much I loved back-to-school season as a kid.  In August, stores would stock shiny new organizers, notebooks and colorful pens that seemed to promise that I would be a better student this year, and that they would bringContinue reading “Seeking Perfection in the Chaos”

An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)

I have been greatly blessed. There are too many for me to count here, but one stands out among the rest – perhaps because he is no longer with us. I first learned of my brother Larry’s diagnosis on Good Friday in 2016. Pancreatic cancer. The year that followed was a rollercoaster ride…the type thatContinue reading “An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)”