For Those in Extended Job Search

Spoiler Alert: I am going to talk about God, and His work in my life. You are free to stop reading at any point. It sometimes feels like I have been in job search for decades. Seriously. Early on in my career, because loyalty was no longer valued in the workplace, I was coached to startContinue reading “For Those in Extended Job Search”

Seeking Perfection in the Chaos

Wandering through a big box office supply store a few weeks ago, I was reminded of how much I loved back-to-school season as a kid.  In August, stores would stock shiny new organizers, notebooks and colorful pens that seemed to promise that I would be a better student this year, and that they would bringContinue reading “Seeking Perfection in the Chaos”

A Seed Has to Break in Order to Grow

As our church community prepared for a Celebration of Life last week for a dear friend, sister in Christ, mother, mother-in-law and Nana, I couldn’t help but remember the many conversations and meals that we shared together as a family. Elise was always there with a kind, listening ear, an open door and a table fullContinue reading “A Seed Has to Break in Order to Grow”

Faith and Experience (Boho Elephant)

Have you ever attended a Paint Nite? The brand promise is that in the course of one evening with friends new and old, you will produce a work of art, even someone like me who has never taken an acrylics class. I’ll let you be the judge of the results. But what I enjoyed mostContinue reading “Faith and Experience (Boho Elephant)”

An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)

I have been greatly blessed. There are too many for me to count here, but one stands out among the rest – perhaps because he is no longer with us. I first learned of my brother Larry’s diagnosis on Good Friday in 2016. Pancreatic cancer. The year that followed was a rollercoaster ride…the type thatContinue reading “An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)”