A Seed Has to Break in Order to Grow

As our church community prepared for a Celebration of Life last week for a dear friend, sister in Christ, mother, mother-in-law and Nana, I couldn’t help but remember the many conversations and meals that we shared together as a family. Elise was always there with a kind, listening ear, an open door and a table fullContinue reading “A Seed Has to Break in Order to Grow”

Faith and Experience (Boho Elephant)

Have you ever attended a Paint Nite? The brand promise is that in the course of one evening with friends new and old, you will produce a work of art, even someone like me who has never taken an acrylics class. I’ll let you be the judge of the results. But what I enjoyed mostContinue reading “Faith and Experience (Boho Elephant)”

An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)

I have been greatly blessed. There are too many for me to count here, but one stands out among the rest – perhaps because he is no longer with us. I first learned of my brother Larry’s diagnosis on Good Friday in 2016. Pancreatic cancer. The year that followed was a rollercoaster ride…the type thatContinue reading “An Afternoon Visit (Grieve with Hope)”

An Impromptu Driving Lesson

Today, I drove a friend to the airport. Not an unusual thing for me as my schedule currently gives me the opportunity to help friends out when needed. What is unusual is that on three separate occasions when changing lanes during the drive there, I did not see a car in my blind spot. ByContinue reading “An Impromptu Driving Lesson”

Finding a New American Dream

As a kid, I would get so excited when I spotted a shiny penny on the ground. When we walked, my father would make a game of it and teach me whatever penny idiom that came to his mind. Most are rarely heard anymore, but some might remember these- “a penny for your thoughts” orContinue reading “Finding a New American Dream”