Good Friday?

This is Jesus. King of the Jews.

Said the sign above His head.

His body crucified on a cross.

The mockers scorned Him.

Darkness fell. An ominous silence.

A last cry to heaven.

My God, my God.

Why have You forsaken me?

He died an agonizing death.

The earth quaked.

The Temple curtain forever torn.

The Father’s glory revealed for all who believe.

Through the work of this Man.

Fully human, He suffered yet did not sin.

Fully God, He would rise to glory.

Surely this man was the Son of God.

Said the Roman witness.

His disciples scattered. The women weeped.

This was victory?

This was not the victory His followers anticipated.

How was this victory?

The disciples mourned.

Behind them, the horror of the Crucifixion.

So many miracles.

Signs and wonders.

They doubted their Lord. They grieved their Friend. 

Their Teacher seemingly gone forever.

His death attested to by the point of a spear.

A sudden flow of blood and water.

Jesus was buried in a tomb.

This particular Friday did not feel good.

It is through the lens of Sunday that Friday becomes good.

Read for yourself: Matt. 27:27-66; Mark 15:21-47; Luke 23:26-56; John 19:16-42

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