Dream Big

Dream big. Make your dreams God-sized. Dreams that can only be realized in His power; Not in your effort alone.

Dream for others. Build them up. Help them realize their dreams. Encourage others.

Be practical. Know exactly where you are, and fully own Whose you are. Gaze upward, and work outward.

Practice kindness. The world is broken and hurting. Be compassionate. Get angry about the right things.

Love God with your all. Love others. Put their needs before your own. Love often, love well.

Be generous with time, money and self. Seek God’s abundance. Your treasure is in heaven.

Be thankful. Express gratitude to God and others. Pray continually. Give thanks for God’s grace and mercy.

He is God. He is good. Dream God-sized dreams. Dream for others. Dream big.

Photo credit: LoveTheWind



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